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Nature & History Luxury Tours

Nature & History Luxury Tours

For those who appreciate history and like to do it in a Luxury style ,then see Cairo,Luxor,Aswan and Abu Simble. Enjoy The History of Egypt and take the time you need at each place in a Luxury tour. Book Now

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14 days / 13 nights



This tour was meant for those who really apprecaite history and archeology and want to enjoy both history and egypt so this is a lifetime trip


Travel To Cairo on your own.

You will be met at Cairo Airport upon your arrival by Insight tours Egypt Facilitator,who will assist you with baggage,customs and passport control.You will then be driven by private car to the historic section of the 5-star palace -now is a hotel,Mena House,located at the base of the pyramids.

Hotel - Mena House

Spend the day on Giza Plateau with your Egyptologist .in the morning you will visit the Pyramid Of Khufu and the Solar Boat Museum,The timeless Sphinx and the Valley Temple of Khafra.After lunch near the pyramids area,then you will take a walking tour to see Pyramid of Khafra and Menkara and explore the remains of their Mortuary Temples.also you will visit the tombs of Noblemen,Mery-nefer and Meresankh.From here you will be taken to Cairo Airport and fly to Luxor where you will be met and taken to the historical Winter Palace Hotel.


Hotel-Old Winter Palace.


Start Early today,by driving across the Nile to the West Bank,where you will visit the Valley of the Kings and visit the Tomb of Tutankhamen along with other Royal Tombs.Then you will visit the temple of the female king  Hatshepsut or Deir el Bahri as some call it.then you will be taken to Deir el Medina ,with its small Ptolemaic Temple.It is here where the workers who built the Pharaohs' tombs lived and built their own tombs as well,you will see the beautiful preserved Tomb of Sennedjem and others.After lunch at local nice restaurant on the West Bank you will be taken back to your hotel,and have your afternoon free.

Hotel-Old Winter Palace.

Sleep in this morning. Then a short drive will bring you to Karnak,the world's largest temple complex (built over a thousand years),you will have plenty of time to wonder around. Followed by a visit to the well displyed beautiful Museum of Luxor,Back to Winter Palace Hotel.In the evening you will walk to Luxor temple which is very close to your hotel, Visit this amazing temple at night when lit.

Hotel- Old Winter Palace.


This morning you will check out your hotel then  return to the West Bank of the Nile to visit the Ramesseum Temple , the mortuary temple of Rameses II (known as Rameses the Great), and Medinet Habu,temple of Rameses III, the best preseved of the New Kingdom Temples. Then to the Valley of the Queens, visit the Tomb of Khaemwaset, a young son of Ramese III,who died in childhood,you can feel it. When you done about noon time you will embark your Dahabeyah for the next 4 nights.

Hotel - Dahabeyah

Today enjoy sailing toward Aswan. Relax on deck as you watch the Nile and the green land.

Overnight near Esna.

Hotel - Dahabeyah.

Once you arrive to Edfu, Horse-drawn carriges will pick you to the best preserved temple on the Nile from ancient time Edfu temple or Horus Temple.return back to your boat which will continue sailing south,you should reach Gabel el Silsila which was the sand stone quarries in ancient time ,by evening.

Hotel - Dahabeyah.  

Hotel - Dahabeyah

This morning you will enjoy walking through the sand stone quarries with small temple of Her M Heb (New Kingdom Temple).then the boat will sail toward  Kom Ombo where you will visit the twin Temples of Sobek and Horus,(the temple was dedicated to the crocodile Sobek and the Falcon Horus),in the way out you will visit the mummified crocodiles.

Hotel - Dahabeyah.

This morning you will disembark the Dahabeyah and a van will take you to the city of Aswan where you will relax on a Felucca ride on the Nile (felucca is a sail boat) you will visit the archeological site at Elephantine Island and you will visit the Botanical Gardens on Kitchener's Island.Then the van will take you to the historical hotel Old Cataract.

Hotel - Old Cataract.


Early this morning you will be taken to Aswan Airport,you will fly to Abu Simbel, to visit the magnifecent rock cut temples of Rameses II.(built to honor himself and his wife Quees Nefertari).return back to Aswan your van will take you to your hotel.take the afternoon free and enjoy your Old Cataract Hotel.

Hotel - Old Cataract Hotel.


Today in the morning you will visit the Nubian Museum,one of the newest Museums in Egypt,followed by visiting the granite Quarry with the Unfinished Obelisk of the Female King Hatshepsut or maybe (king Tutmose III) ending our tour today by visiting ISIS Temple at Philae on Agilika Island.Said to be Egypt's most beautiful temple.return back to your hotel.

In the evening you may like to visit Aswan Bazaar,one of Egypt's best.

Hotel - Old Cataract.


Enjoy your free morning before we pick you up to Aswan airport and fly back to Cairo. Upon arrival you will be met and transfered to the newly opened Nile Ritz Carlton Hotel. In the evening you will be taken to the world famous Bazaar Khan el Khalili where you will have your dinner . Then Back to the Hotel.

Hotel - Nile Ritz Carlton.


Today you will spend the entire morning at one of the best Museums in the world the Egyptian Museum seeing the Treasures of Tutankhamen and the Royal Mummy Room.return to Ritz Carlton for lunch,then to Old Cairo to visit Coptic churches 5th century and a Jewish senagouge together with the Mosque of Mohammed Ali or the Alabaster Mosque at the citadel of Saladin.Back to the hotel

Hotel - Nile Ritz Carlton


This Morning you will be taken to Cairo airport to fly back home.

*Representative to assist at the airport (arrival & departure)

*Egyptologist Tour Guide

*Domestic flights

*Accommodation- 5 Star hotels:

Cairo : Mena House

Luxor : Old Winter Palace

Aswan : Old Cataract

Dahabeyah ( sail Boat )

*Meals- all breakfast  at all Hotels.

* Lunch when its mentioned in the itinerary 

*Dahabeyah all inclusive (meals,water and soft drinks)

*Air-conditioned Transport Vehicles with Wi-Fi

*Bottle of water per person per day

* Entrance Fees for sights mentioned

*Portages if needed

*International flights

*Entry Visa to Egypt at Cairo Airport (about 25$)

*Any meals not mentioned in the itinerary

*Beverages and any personal expenses

* Entrance fee for any extra tickets for ex: great pyramid chamber, Tut Tomb etc…

*Tipping for drivers, hotels, Nile cruise and your Egyptologist. Tipping is at your discretion and is not an obligation; however it is a part of income for anyone working in the tourism industry and is highly appreciated. Thanks!

Driver 3 to 5 $/person/day

Egyptologist  8 to 10 $ /person/day

*Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months from the day of travel.


Egypt Cruise Adventure

Per Person From $ 2361.00

Duration 08 days / 07 nights

Tour Type Egypt Luxury Tours


Tailor –made highlights of Egypt & Nile cruise On a privately guided journey designed to experience Egypt rich history and architecture and cruise the Nile on board your deluxe Nile cruise ship from Luxor to Aswan .Explore the pyramids , stunning Museum , the tomb of Tutankhamen and Ramses "the six" together with the grand temples of the ancient pharaohs along the Nile .

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